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Economic Empowerment

Empowering our International Neighbors

Our International neighbors are a large and economically impactful part of our local and regional economy. GGIC works with local businesses and organizations to strengthen economic connections,  deepen local roots and build sustainable practices with our international community. GGIC works with large institutions such as UF and Santa Fe College that drive workforce preparedness and innovation, to small entrepreneurs just launching their new idea. GGIC serves as a conduit for our international innovators and creators to help them stay and grow their business in Greater Gainesville. ​

Did you know?
Since 2019, 24% of all new local businesses were started by people who immigrated here from some other country!

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Examples of activities will include:

  • Working with StartGNV, UF Innovate and Santa Fe CEID to create the valuable creative collisions between some of our leading local international entrepreneurs and thought-leaders.

  • Work with the Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce  to create a welcoming environment for our international community to better recruit globally-based companies, attract foreign investment and attract and retain top international talent. 

  • Highlight, celebrate and empower our own local international small businesses to better connect them with our larger community and reach more customers. 

  • Work with established businesses to provide mentorship opportunities 

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